Coal handling firm wins multiple orders in Asia

Coal handling firm wins multiple orders in Asia

Coal handling firm wins multiple orders in Asia

German fuel storage and handling firm Schade Lagertechnik, a subsidiary of the Aumund Group, announced this week that it has won multiple orders for the Asian power industry.

The firm will deliver a circular fuel storage machine to China's Shanghai Electric Power Construction and other storage equipment to Formosa Plastic Vietnam.
The machine for Shanghai Electric Power Construction is to be delivered to the Philippines, where it will be installed at a coal-fired power plant on Luzon island and is expected to be commissioned next year.

Andreas Markiewicz, sales manager at Schade, said: "Measured in the combination of external diameter and stacking and reclaiming capacity, the circular storage machine to be installed for Shanghai Electric Power Construction will be one of the biggest that we have ever built in the 130+ years of our company history."
The order for Formosa Plastic includes a portal reclaimer and tripper car to be supplied for the 760 MW Nhon Trach II plant in Vietnam, which came online in 2011. Schade said the portal reclaimer, with a rail span of 54 metres, is designed to deliver 600 tonnes of coal per hour.  

The company said its portal reclaimers are able to store as much as a million tonnes of coal on a relatively small surface area in indoor storage halls.
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