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Construction of 'World's Tallest Building' begins in China

Construction of 'World's Tallest Building' begins in China

A Chinese construction company has begun building what it hopes will become the tallest building on earth.

The Sky City tower is being built on the rural outskirts Changsha, a city in China's Hunan province, and comes with an equally stratospheric price tag of around 5.25 billion yuan (£560 million).

At a ceremony on Saturday, Zhang Yue, chairman of Broad Group – the developer behind the project – said the 208-storey skyscraper would be completed by April.

At 2739ft it would overtake Dubai's 2716.5ft Burj Khalifa as the world's tallest building.

China is no stranger to super-tall buildings. Four of the world's nine highest skyscrapers are currently located in mainland China while another, the 1,588ft International Commerce Centre, is in Hong Kong.

Next year, Shanghai is expected to rob Taipei of the honour of being home to the "tallest building in Asia" when the 2073ft Shanghai Tower is completed.
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