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Construction quality management of large-span steel structures in gymnasium projects


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steel structure tennis hall

1 Basic principles of large-span stadium steel structure design

In the construction of the steel structure stadium building, it is necessary to optimize the design of the steel structure building according to the changes of the actual environment, fully consider the actual situation of the overall building’s load-bearing, and carry out multiple designs for the parts with a larger load-bearing capacity of the overall building. The overall building can withstand more impacts; for the steel structure, it is necessary to actively implement the construction of anti-corrosion technology, effectively prolong the overall service time of the steel structure, and ensure the quality of the steel structure.

2 Research background and development status of steel structure engineering quality management

Compared with the previous reinforced concrete buildings, the steel structure stadium building has three characteristics: the building height, the super large size of the building, and the overall light weight of the building. It is precise because the steel structure has these three characteristics that the steel structure becomes the best choice for super-large and super-span buildings. Although the technology related to steel structures has developed rapidly, compared with the development history of traditional reinforced concrete buildings, the overall development time of steel structure buildings is still relatively short, and many construction units are not clear about the details of the construction of steel structure projects. There are many hidden dangers in the process of structural construction. To promote the high-quality development of steel structure buildings, it is necessary to manage the quality of related steel structure construction projects in a timely manner. The steel structure involves a wide range of aspects in the actual construction process, the related technology is relatively complex, the construction content of the overall project changes greatly, and the formed steel structure is difficult to change. It is precise because of the complexity of the steel structure quality management problem that the research on the steel structure quality management must start from the construction design of the steel structure to the procurement of related steel structure supporting materials, to the specific construction of the steel structure, and after the completion of the steel structure construction. To ensure the long-term, safe and stable use of steel structure buildings.

3 Construction quality management problems of large-span steel structures in gymnasium projects

3.1 Has a certain complexity

Large span steel structure construction quality problem has a certain complexity, the complexity embodied in cause the quality problem of the large span steel structure induced by so many, difficult to query, often is in the problem, even under the same environmental factors, problems in the induced factors were different, and does not have a certain regularity, This leads to a certain complexity and uncertainty in analyzing the causes of construction quality problems of long-span steel structures. For example, the common steel structure welding link crack reason, not only because the welding auxiliary material quality problems, but also very likely to be the steel structure itself material problems; The crack problem may appear in the welding part of the steel structure surface, and may also appear in the interior of the welding part; It is also difficult to control the trend of cracks, parallel cracks, vertical cracks, cross cracks may appear; Welding cracks may be cold cracks, there may also be hot cracks; Even the finishing work after the completion of welding is not standard enough will lead to the appearance of welding cracks, any problem that affects the construction quality of large-span steel structure alone out of the analysis is a huge work of a system.

3.2 Importance of steel structure quality issues

The quality of the steel structure has a certain importance. This property is reflected in the fact that once the steel structure itself is formed, its structure is difficult to change. Once the quality of the steel structure has problems, the overall steel structure components will be scrapped, resulting in significant economic losses, and even affect the construction time of the overall construction project, making it difficult for the construction project to be completed on schedule. The stagnation of construction project construction will cause huge cost losses, and in severe cases, it will even cause steel structure buildings to collapse, causing major safety of life and property to the people and society.

3.3 Variability of construction quality management of large-span steel structures in gymnasium projects

Everything changes dynamically, and the construction quality of large-span steel structures in gymnasium projects will also continue to change dynamically. There are many influencing factors, such as the passage of time, climate environment, geological changes, social and economic development, and scientific and technological development, etc. important influencing factors. For example, due to its own stress and the change of climate temperature, the welding of steel structure components has gone from no cracks to cracks to further expansion and extension of cracks; due to technical problems in the welding process, a certain amount of air is retained in the welding points, This leads to the slow occurrence of oxidative corrosion in the interior; the major changes in the geology of the building cause the deflection of the overall load-bearing center of the steel structure building, and so on.

4 Reasons and analysis of common problems in the construction quality of large-span steel structures in gymnasium projects

4.1 Errors in construction procedures of large-span steel structures For public large-scale projects

Such as the construction of large-span steel structures in the gymnasium project, the important thing to remember is that there are errors in the overall construction procedures. Problems with the overall project construction quality are often caused by errors in the project construction procedures. The project construction procedures are conducted by relevant scholars and experts. After the rigorous scientific demonstration, it is scientific and effective. Once there are procedural errors in the construction process, it will often lead to very serious project construction quality problems. For example, the hydrology of the site foundation was not carefully investigated before construction, and the construction was started; the relevant design was implemented without the demonstration of modeling data; Structural engineering procedures are all hidden dangers buried for major construction accidents in related steel structure building projects, endangering people’s lives and property safety, hindering high-quality economic and social development, and seriously affecting the management of large-span steel structure construction quality.

4.2 Mistakes in the preliminary geological exploration work

As an important part of the construction design of large-span steel structures, geological exploration work is related to a series of design considerations for the current steel structure designers, such as the bearing of the foundation and the later service life of the steel structure building. The correctness of the geological exploration data is very important. Once the geological exploration work in the early stage is flawed and the geological exploration data deviates, it will lead to systematic errors in the design scheme of the entire steel structure construction project, which will eventually lead to the use of wrong design schemes for the entire steel structure project. There may be problems with foundation settlement, tilting of the overall building, stress tearing of the steel structure inside the building, etc., and even the collapse of the steel structure building.