Covered Shed

Covered Shed

Covered Shed


In this case, coal stockpile will be formed by the conventional rail mounted stacker cum reclaimer. The entire stockpiles and the Stacker cum Reclaimer machines will be covered within the shed.

Covered storage shed for the conventional coal stockpile


In this type of structure, the shape of the shed will be in the semi-hemispherical form. There will be a concrete wall up to a certain height from the ground level and the structure will be erected above this wall. The dome structure of various sizes could be adopted depending on the storage required. A circular sticker and scraper type reclaimer could be used for reclaiming the coal.

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Total quantity:895, Total process time:0.24894094 ms


Total quantity:22

Use Memory: 12.1MB

Time-consuming: 0.41570 ms