Creative multi-purpose airport - Beijing Daxing International Airport

Creative multi-purpose airport - Beijing Daxing International Airport

Daxing International Airport is about to be put into use, and it overlook is like to a phoenix that spreads its wings.The new airport adopts a centralized design, with five terminals on the terminal building and radiating outwards. The terminal building is about 700,000 square meters. This innovative design brings together the functions of the terminal building to improve the airport's operational efficiency and save passengers' waiting time.

Daxing International Airport Terminal Building has a total construction area of 1.43 million square meters. The main body is cast-in-place reinforced concrete frame structure, and the part is steel-reinforced concrete structure. The roof adopts adopts steel structures. The total weight of the steel structure is about 130,000 tons.
The core area roof(180,000 square meters) only adopts 8 C-shaped lattice columns as the main supporting members, forming a unique lighting roof and large span structural space. The steel structural roof shape is a hyperboloid without standard components and elements.It is difficult to install and close the roof steel structure--the eaves cantilever 47 meters, the drop is 27 meters, and the closing line is more than 2600 meters.
The total projection area of the five-finger steel roof is about 133,000 square meters, with a span of 41.6 meters, and a height difference of 5 meters. There are 55267 steel structural members and a total of 8472 welded balls. The roof is single and the lifting area is 10,500 square meters.The single lifting weight is 1000 tons. The total steel consumption is about 50,000 tons.
The hangar consists of a maintenance hangar hall and a four-storey annex. The hangar hall is 147 meters (length) and 99.7 meters(width). The total weight of the grid is about 1,600 tons. The project team used the method of “ground assembly + overall lifting” to complete the steel roof grid.
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