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Design and installation of bolt ball space frame


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gas station space frameToday’s social construction industry is developing rapidly, and people will see all kinds of different steel structures. At least, at least large and medium-sized stadiums and gas stations are all made of steel structure space frames. There are many special attentions that must be paid when the gas station is designed and installed in the space frame processing. Then, do you know what is the installation method of the gas station space frame design? What must be paid special attention to when the anchor bolt ball space frame processing design plan is installed?

When you are carrying out the installation of the gas station space frame, you must strictly implement the production standards to prevent violations. For example, the simple installation of steel pillars will cause the structure management system to be weak and cause collapse problems. There are also differences in the design elevation of the anchor bolts when the space is used. If there are errors in the specifications, it is very easy to cause all the engineering projects to tilt.

 Another, when people are developing the space frame engineering design plan, the structure and quality of the space frame and the quality of the screw parts must go through detailed inspections. If you find that the quality of the anchor bolts is not enough, you must Replace immediately. In that case, it will not be possible to ensure a solid structure management system during the entire construction process. Therefore, the tightening torque must be measured strictly to reduce errors and not necessarily endanger the safe operation of all steel structure space frames. For the installation methods of the anchor bolt ball space processing design plan, the commonly used methods include the high-place bulk weighing method, the split or layered installation method, and the overall lifting method and the overall raising method. The types of Space frames available for different installation methods are all different. The other is that when electric welding of the space frame is carried out, it is necessary to ensure that the electric welding is timely and establish the regulations for electric welding of the space framed engineering to prevent more air holes. The key to the high-altitude bulk method is to apply multiple types of space frame with screw connection points. When many smaller space frames designs are installed, you can choose the split or layered installation method, depending on the load capacity of the space frame. Unfold.