Designing A Hangar

Designing A Hangar

The first step in designing your  aircraft hangar  construction is to determine what will be the largest aircraft to be stored. In turn, this will dictate the size of the door opening. Next, determine the type of hangar door to be installed. The hangar door has its own set of criteria in order to properly integrate into the building. Once you have gathered this information, only then are you ready to establish the aircraft hangar construction specifications.

T-hangars: Nested versus standard configuration

This configuration nests the tail section into the center of the structure. The overall length of the hangar is reduced, potentially saving on taxi lanes and ramps.

Figure 1
T-hangars: Nested versus standard configuration

The standard configuration is sometimes called “stacked” because the unit depth is equal to the building width and the units are stacked together. Since the hangar width is narrower, it is also longer than the nested configuration thereby requiring longer taxi lanes on both sides of the hangar.

Figure 2
T-hangars: Nested versus standard configuration2

Jet Pod modification

This is a modification to the end unit of a nested T-hangar that allows for the storage of two or more aircraft depending on theaircraft hangar construction model.

Figure 3
Jet Pod modification

Clear span end unit

This is a modification that allows a rectangular clear span unit to be attached to the ends of the T-hangar. The clear span unit can be sized for any aircraft.

Figure 4
Clear span end unit

Rectangular clear span hangar

Floor area and height are the crucial elements for clear span hangars. The amount

of clear floor area will dictate the amount of storage area within the hangar. Familiarity with the types of structural framing and the installation of the secondary members (i.e., wall girts) will result in the maximum floor storage space.

Rigid frame:

  • Has tapered frame with haunch that restricts usable floor space
  • Requires field welding of pick up points, bracing and door hinges when attaching a bi-fold door or bottom rolling door system
  • Limited door size in endwall when utilizing tapered frame
  • • Exterior wall girts are mounted outside of steel frame line, shrinking usable square footage of building (A typical 50' wide building could only accept a 45' door system)
  • Rigid frame may restrict wingspan on inside of building
  • Creates kick-out load on foundation. Additional rebar and concrete required to hold frames at base

Open-webbed truss with straight column:

  • Provides greater interior usable space
  • No kick-out load at base of columns
  • Flush wall girt design maximizes hangar width
  • Can maximize door opening. (Typical 50' building provide 49'6" clear door opening)
  • Maintains clear width throughout depth of building

Rigid frame

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