Dome Coal Storage

Dome Coal Storage

Dome Coal Storage

Even on its best day, spontaneous combustion and explosion are two common concerns with coal storage. Its fiery nature causes coal to self-heat, ignite easily and produce flammable coal dust from something as simple as equipment vibrations. Temper these tendencies by choosing a dome for bulk storage.
  • Airtight nature: Domes are completely air tight, minimizing the amount of air getting into the pile and producing a flame.
  • Explosion protection: Domes that store coal are built with an explosion panel over the vent at the apex, sealing out moisture but rated to release in an explosion event or when air pressure is excessive. When the explosion panel is loosed, the shape of the structure channels energy through the panel, meaning less chance of the dome being compromised should an explosion occur.
  • Truss free: Fire-protection experts recommend coal be stored in facilities with few surface areas for dust to collect, and since our domes are built without the use of interior supports, there's less worry about dangerous dust build-up on trusses.
  • Waterproof membrane and insulation: Avoid pollution by runoff and a decreased calorific value by storing coal in a dome that seals out the elements. The dome's insulated nature also prevents heating and cooling of the walls and air inside, thus stopping condensation and protecting the product's integrity. Temperature fluctuations are tempered, so self-heating and combustion happens much less frequently than in traditional storage structures.
  • Hot-spot detection: Over-belt infrared detectors sense hot spots in material coming into the dome, and linear heat cables over conveyors detect fires. Different types of coal require different kinds of systems, and our engineers design specific to each customer's stored product.
  • Material-handling solutions: How fast and how well you move your product translates into how fast your company makes money. In addition to dome construction, we specialize in handling systems—not just those moving product within the structure, but loading and reclaim systems too. Smart design also minimizes dust creation and emission.
  • More storage, smaller footprint: Warehouses and flat-storage structures can only be built so tall before their strength is compromised; with domes, customers can store more product in a smaller footprint, stacking it deeper and taking up less valuable property at the site. While common for businesses to require three to five flat-storage buildings, one dome will likely accommodate the same amount of material in one structure. The double curvature of a dome lends itself to strength and the ability to build up, rather than out.
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