Dome Modular Roof

Dome Modular Roof

Dome modular roof are high quality, durable polycarbonate thermoformed roof , designed to make optimum use of natural light.

Dome roof are available in an extensive range of over 40 sizes, and a range of shapes and glazing options to suit virtually any requirement. Dome roof are tested to the highest standards and are suitable for use on most flat roofs.  Dome roof are normally specified with our proprietary curbs, but can also be installed on builder's curbs.

Dome modular roof


  • Choice of dome, pyramid or trapezoidal shape
  • Patented high security screw bolt fixing
  • Compliant with HSG33 recommendations
  • Manufactured in accordance with European standards, they hold a CE mark according to EN1873
  • BBA certification available
  • Ventilation and access options available
  • A range of upstands to accommodate new roof insulation and provide tidy internal detailing

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