Edge of Space Frames

Edge of Space Frames

– The quality of roofs of this system is extremely good and the chances of deflection is almost nil
– The installation of the structure can be done with the help of a mobile scaffold in places where a crane cannot be used. Since light weight tube elements & spherical balls forming the space frame system, it can be lifted by human effort
– The space frames can cross large spans in both directions unlike the conventional ones. This gives great versatility and freedom to the designer in the selection of the structural system
– The 3d system used in the system gratification ensures the correct utility rate of materials which ensures huge saving in steel usage
– Since the system is prefabricated under factory supervision one can expect the rightful quality control
– Steel or concrete substructures can easily be integrated with the Space frames
– Minimal erection time as every component is fabricated
– Storage and transportation of the system components are quite economical
– The actual weight of steel membranes for large spans are less
– The multi-directional structural behavior grants unusual design
– The system is very convenient to fix any kind of cladding on the top by bolting down into the threaded hole provided at the top of each nodal joint
– The system offers flexibility to fix the light fixtures and ceiling systems
– By this method large span and big areas can be installed in shortened time period
– Since the self-weight of space frame is small, greater economy is gained in the substructures as an added advantage
– It is possible to integrate space frames in the architectural designs of various building types
– When required the space structure system can be easily demounted and rebuilt them at another location
– Space frame structures can be cladded with sandwich panels, acrylic, polycarbonate or glass glazing and will present a very modern and aesthetic view from both indoors and outdoors
– In regard to attachments, it can be cladded with galvanized steel, aluminium, skylights, sandwich panels, fabric structures etc


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