Engineering Giant Makes Great Headway In SE Asianpower Sector

Engineering Giant Makes Great Headway In SE Asianpower Sector

Engineering Giant Makes Great Headway In SE Asianpower Sector

Two of itscoal power station projects on Indonesia's Batam and Bali islands have won industrywide praise, and are seen as role models for future Belt and Road infrastructure investments.

For the projects, two units, each with an installed capacity of 65 megawatts, were built in Batam,and three units, each with an installed capacity of 142 MW, were built in Bali.

Another leading project is a power plant with two units of 660mW in installed capacity in Vietnam, construction of which will start soon.  Focusing on research and development, the company is on the road to building more excellent projects at home and abroad. CHEC is an affiliated enterprise of China Huadian Corporation, one of the nation's largest power generation enterprises.

Under China Huadian's overall development strategy, CHEC has become a large State-ownedenterprise with competitive advantages in developing its core business in engineering technology industry, high-tech products research and development and manufacturing, engineering design and energy performance contracting, and energy technology research and services.

CHEC is engaged in various domains of prime contracting of project construction and services applied in industries such as electric power, petrifaction, harbors, metallurgy, mining, civic works and new energy engineering.

So far, the company's overseas branches have successfully completed five Engineering Procurement Construction projects, or the EPC projects.

In Indonesia, the company built the Indorama coal-fired power plant with two 30-mW units, and the Lafarg coal-fired power plant with two 16.5-mW units, as well as a project in Asahan with two 90-MW hydropower units.

It has also completed two projects in Cambodia: a 338-MW hydropower station and a power plant with two 60-mW coal-fired units. In addition, the construction of a coal-fired power plant with two units of 35mW is still underway.
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