Evolution Of Space Frames

Evolution Of Space Frames

Evolution Of Space Frames

A rising interest towards  space frame structures during last half-century has been observed worldwide. The hunt for new structural forms to accommodate unobstructed large areas lead to development of space frames which can satisfy all the requirements. Space frames are being applied in new and imaginative ways for a wide range of buildings like exhibition pavilions, sports arenas, transportation terminals, assembly halls, airplane hangars, ware houses etc. Space frames are not only used as long span roofs but also as mid and short span roofs, exterior walls, canopies and floors. Numerous projects have been designed and constructed worldwide using wide range of configurations.

The important factors that influenced the development of space frame structures can be quoted as follows. There is always a focus on developing large indoor areas, so that all the sports tournaments, mass assemblies, exhibitions and cultural performances can be held under one roof. The need for great operational efficiency and modern production too generated demand for larger spaces with minimal interference from supports. Space frame offers the benefit of using interior spaces in a variety of ways and thus is flawlessly suited for all such requirements.
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