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Home News Explain in detail the measures for heat preservation and heat insulation of the space frame

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Explain in detail the measures for heat preservation and heat insulation of the space frame


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space frame structure The space frame is currently a popular construction mode in construction engineering. It has obvious performance advantages in the construction application process. For example, the space frame itself is light in weight, relatively easy to install, and the construction period is relatively short. Well, at the same time, the pollution caused by the environment is small. Another important point is the thermal insulation of the space frame. So how do the space frames be insulated and what measures are there? The space frame company details the thermal insulation of the space frames below.

According to the space frame company, the material selected for the space frame project has thermal insulation properties. A kind of thermal insulation coating is used. Generally in the hot summer, the surface temperature of the steel structure can be reduced by more than 30%. The internal space temperature of the frame project will drop by about 5 degrees, which will reduce the indoor temperature very well. At the same time, it will automatically absorb heat energy in winter to increase the indoor temperature. This kind of thermal insulation coating can not only achieve good thermal insulation, but also protect the space frame structure and reduce the corrosiveness of the project. Generally, after painting, it can prevent the space frame from generating condensed water. The waterproof and moisture-proof effect is to reduce the heat dissipation of the indoor space, prevent heat conduction, and ensure that the heat inside is not lost. For space frame engineering, the selection of materials is guaranteed during the construction process, the quality of the construction process is guaranteed, the space frame is relatively long in use, and energy saving and environmental protection can be reused. The above is the content brought by the space frame company. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.