From design to one-stop supply, the prefabricated building enters the era of hardcover

From design to one-stop supply, the prefabricated building enters the era of hardcover

It is reported that on August 8, 2018, China's preparatory construction and home industry synergy development summit forum will be held in Shenzhen. At that time, the heads of assembly-type construction companies, home improvement companies, home furnishing brands and distributors from all over the country will attend with famous home decoration and soft-packing designers to discuss topics such as how China's fabricated architecture and home furnishing industry will be integrated.

As China's building decoration industry enters a new stage of high-quality development, green environmental protection, intelligent construction, fine decoration, assembly decoration and self-assembly have entered the fast lane of development, and the assembly-type construction and home industry has also ushered in a new era of integration and development. "Assembled building hardcover" has become the current consumer trend.

Future trends: prefabricated buildings promote home integration

It took only one day, only one car crane was used, and seven workers were put into work. A two-storey country house with a building area of 245 square meters was built... In the context of the industrialization of construction, prefabricated buildings are an inevitable trend in the future development of the industry. Compared with traditional cast-in-place buildings, the development of prefabricated buildings has many advantages such as water saving, material saving, energy consumption reduction and construction efficiency.

In the "China Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry Development Report" in 2017, under the circumstance of overcapacity and insufficient supply, it is an important development direction for the building materials and home furnishing industry in China. Compared with the traditional manual construction method, the industrialized house represented by the prefabricated building can achieve energy saving of 20%, saving about 63% of water, saving about 87% of wood and reducing construction waste by about 91%.

Relevant enterprises are also keenly aware of this development trend, providing customized and standardized products for the vast number of rural homestead customers.From "design" to "check in" one-stop custom house, include assemble type building, high-quality building material door and window, floor, wall paper wall cloth, condole top, intelligent household, soft outfit, cloth art, adorn article to wait to be able to realize hardcover custom, let owner worry not little, also save resource more.

The forum will invite experts on assembly-based architecture, heads of the home furnishing industry, well-known scholars, and design experts to discuss the development opportunities of the prefabricated building and home industry in the context of rural revitalization.

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