Glass Atriums & Skylights

Glass Atriums & Skylights

Glass Atriums & Skylights

Custom glass atriums and skylights are a great way to make an interior space come to life. Whether the project is a hotel lobby, shopping center, office building, or virtually any type of commercial space, LF can design, engineer, and build a glass atrium or skylight to fit site-specific needs.

LF designs and structurally engineers glass atriums and custom skylights with a variety of glazing options including tempered glass, laminated safety glass, insulated glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic. LF's in-house team of designers, project managers, and licensed structural engineers take the project from the preliminary concept through the design development phase all the way to construction completion. LF can provide preliminary renderings and conceptual drawings to ensure an early understanding of the glass atrium or skylight structure design intent. Talented AutoCAD draftspersons and structural engineers will work cohesively to bring about a steel or aluminum design that is structurally sound, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Structural members can be finish painted, powder coated, or anodized to suite the client's needs. LF can handle long spans and complicated angles or curves. From simple lean-to or A-frame 
skylights to complicated dome structures, LF is the complete solution for design, engineering, project management, and construction.

It doesn't just stop at structure and glazing; LF has the in-house design and manufacturing capability to incorporate motor operated vents, shade systems, heat retention systems, and decorative ridge cresting & finials to allow for improved environmental control, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.

Let LF bring daylight to the interior spaces with custom designed glass atriums and skylight solutions. LF delivers projects on time and on budget.
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