Green And Water Boulevard

Green And Water Boulevard

Green And Water Boulevard

Along the main axis of Astana's administrative center is a pedestrian bridge, better as the "Green and Water Boulevard", brainchild of Kurokawa, the author of Astana's general plan.

The Bridge is the one of the main features of the capital's center. The architects' plans connect it to all the surrounding buildings. Designed it on three levels, it rationalizes the use of urban space as costs increase with the city's development. The lower level provides parking for 400 cars. The second level of this grandiose construction is a passage, a large gallery lined with exhibition halls, stores and offices. The third level is a pedestrian street with lawns and small trees, small architectural objects and fountains. This pedestrian bridge is notable for its six zones known as "the Green House".

Transparent conical domes let the sunlight through the building from top to bottom. In these atriums, conveniently connected with stairs, there are artificial gardens, and on the second level the whole construction is joined to the surrounding buildings by roofed galleries.
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