Hangar Spatial Structure System

Hangar Spatial Structure System

The hangar is the main building of the aircraft maintenance area. According to different requirements of aircraft maintenance and maintenance project, layout, building height, the structure form of hangar also have differences, mainly depends on the following factors:
  • At the same time repair aircraft models and quantity, degree of maintenance project and need to repair; 
  • Requirements and restrictions on the height and height of the hangar structure;
  • The setting requirements of the crane and the working platform in the hangar gate and hangar.
  • The configuration requirements of fire fighting facilities inside and outside the hangar;5.Site conditions and development trends.

Hangar structure  

As layout and height requirements are special, which directly affects the hangar structure form. It is because of the large span hangar (mainly refers to the roof system) and self weight are also big in a proportion of the total load, so if we can reduce weight which will obtain obvious economic results. And steel structure is high strength, light weight, small component cross section, weldability, and the advantages of simple manufacturing process , therefore, in the structure of large span steel structure roof bearing system is common, such as Beijing capital international airport hangar. 
Spatial structure  system stress well, is light weight, can solve some problems that graphic structure system can not solve. Shell structure, space truss structure, cable structure and space structure has been widely used in large span construction of the roof system, For example, the hangar roof of Britain's London Airport is made of a flat-bed frame with a two-way oblique crosswise truss, and the plane size is 170.15 x 83.62 meters, which consists of precast tubular truss.The steel is high strength steel, yield strength to 450 mpa, the whole roof is supported by the 8 pillars, the roof is divided into the general load, and the weight of the equipment is 700 tons.The hangar roof of the Frankfurt airport in the federal republic of Germany USES a suspension board structure with a plane size of 270 by 100 meters and two spans.Each span is made up of 10 plates with a length of 135 meters and a width of 7 meters. 

Hangar Spatial Structure System

Hangar door

The hangar door is special because of its large size, heavy weight and convenient opening.Hangar door, for easy pulling in and out of the aircraft hangar, often by the hangar full high design, divided into several fan, each between 10 and 20 meters wide, in each door leaf at the top of the special guide structure, door leaf at the bottom of the bearing on the rail wheel;The door fan can be made from the steel frame of the thin steel sheet, which is about 500 ~ 700 mm thick.Some hangar door, according to the shape of a plane, namely the central high, low, on both sides to door design as "goods" glyph, the central parts of the gate height by into the plane's tail height control, on both sides of the gate height according to the aircraft fuselage height control.

The hangar space is large and there are many aircraft in the warehouse for maintenance.All kinds of maintenance machine and equipment and work platform are always with oil, gas, electricity and other inflammable, explosive sources, for fire prevention, explosion-proof, we should have strict requirements and perfect facilities.At present, high multiple foam extinguishing system is adopted.
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