Harbin “Building Blocks” Buildings Leading Green Buildings

Harbin “Building Blocks” Buildings Leading Green Buildings

The factory staff is prefabricating the wall

Part or all of the building's components are prefabricated at the factory and then transported to the construction site to assemble the components through a reliable connection. This disruptive building is a prefabricated building. As a pilot city for the development of fabricated buildings in Heilongjiang Province, Harbin will accelerate the development of fabricated buildings this year. In addition to the use of this method in the field of underground integrated pipe gallery and traditional housing, it will be used for the first time in road and bridge construction. By 2020, the proportion of prefabricated buildings in Harbin to newly built buildings will be no less than 30%.

Recently, the reporter came to the Heilongjiang Province Construction Industry Modernization Demonstration Park and stood outside the factory. The words “residential industrialization base” on the factory building were different. Into the workshop, the reporter saw all kinds of building materials being prefabricated, dozens of steps in a row, a whole wall with windows, the inner wall in the room... The entire prefabrication process is quite orderly. Compared with the traditional on-site pouring mode, the production of various components is not only efficient and environmentally friendly, but also strict.In the workshop, the production line formed by a group of large-scale intelligent machines and molds is particularly eye-catching. At the scene, the reporter directly hit the prefabrication process of the whole window with the window wall. Under the remote control of the workers, the machine with precast concrete was moved to the top of the wall mold table, and the concrete was unloaded and poured. After the pouring, the entire mold table showed a sharp shake for a minute or two. “This is a further mixing of the concrete to ensure that the concrete in the poured parts is uniform and free of air bubbles. The initial stage of the entire casting prefabrication process takes 10 to 15 minutes, and then the wall with the mold is sent to the solidification workshop. After 8 hours of solidification, the mold can be unloaded and transported to the construction site.” Lu Zhaohui, a field technician, told the reporter. As a prefabricated building, in simple terms, it is to assemble the building components in batches, and then assemble these “parts” on the construction site, get rid of the limitations of “seeing the sky” and overcome the short plates that cannot be constructed in the winter in the north.

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