Hesperia Tower--Glass Dome

Hesperia Tower--Glass Dome

Hesperia Tower--Glass Dome

The Hesperia Tower is a hotel situated in the district of Bellvitge in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (suburb of Barcelona), Catalonia, Spain.

It has a tower of 29 storeys and 105 metres (344 ft).It was the tallest building in L'Hospitalet until the Plaça d'Europa Towers were constructed. It is topped by a glass dome that contains a revolving restaurant headed by chef Santi Santamaria. It was designed by the British architect Richard Rogers together with Luis
 Alonso and Sergi Balaguer. It has 280 rooms, a 5,000 square metres (53,800 sq ft) sq m congress centre, and a sports centre.

The Hesperia dome is a enormous construction made of glass on top of a hotel in Barcelona. With pyFormex, a parametric 3D model of this dome was created which allowed to evaluate geometric variations changing one or more parameters (e.g. the span or height of a dome, the amount of secondary triangles, etc.) as shown in the figure below. As illustrated, geometries can be displayed in several ways (e.g. wireframe, flat, smooth, transparent). 
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