How to do a good job in preventing collapse accidents in engineering construction?

How to do a good job in preventing collapse accidents in engineering construction?

At about 15:30 p.m. on January 5, 2020, a large building collapse occurred in the first phase of wuhan baden city ecological leisure tourism development project, located at no. 1 tianzishan avenue, jiangxia district, wuhan, trapping 11 workers.
After the accident, the urban two level immediately started emergency response, all-out search and rescue.As of 15 PM on January 6, the search and rescue work for the trapped people had been completed. Six people died and five were injured in the accident, and the injured were in stable condition.
At present, the scene of the accident is undergoing a comprehensive investigation and cleaning up, the aftermath of the accident and the investigation and treatment work is under way.
How to do a good job in preventing collapse accidents in engineering construction?
1、Take many forms, and constantly improve the project managers, construction technology, head of cadres at all levels of management and construction site management personnel to prevent all kinds of recognition of the importance of collapse, adhere to the "safety first, prevention first" production safety policy, firmly establish the idea of "safety first, quality first", by building high quality buildings and structures to protect the safety of people's lives and property, through safety civilization construction to guarantee the smooth engineering progress.
2、Absolutely can't ignore the earthwork construction safety technical measures to carry out the, earthwork because is the ground construction, often overlooked, to prevent the collapse of earthwork, should adhere to the basic construction must have the support scheme, foundation pit depth of more than 5 m, must have the special supporting design, to ensure slope stability, digging in sequence, homework personnel must strictly abide by rules of safe operation, effectively deal with groundwater, want to often examine case of slope and support, found abnormal should take timely measures to support facilities demolished shall be in accordance with the provisions of the construction organization design.
3、Must strengthen the spot inspection, corrects the violation in time, eliminates the accident hidden danger.To avoid the occurrence of all kinds of collapse accidents, we must adhere to the institutionalization and normalization of safety inspection, in the inspection, to highlight the key people, key parts of the control, timely correct the violation of human behavior, timely eliminate the unsafe state of things, to be sure.
4、Strict engineering design management is required.Grasp strictly engineering design management is an important link, strict enforcement of construction engineering design shall conform to the construction safety regulations formulated in accordance with state regulations and technical specifications, ensure the safety of the project performance, it is strictly prohibited without card design, it is forbidden to go beyond design, strictly forbid to change design, it is forbidden to design and construction, it is strictly prohibited without the design and construction, to ensure the safety and reliability of the design.
5、To attach importance to the management of labor force, we must strictly implement the provisions of the construction law that "contractors are prohibited from subcontracting projects to units that do not have the corresponding qualifications, and subcontractors are prohibited from subcontracting their contracted projects".We must continue to select labor force on the basis of merit.
6、To increase the investment in safety construction, to build a high-quality safety management team.Do a good job of safety construction, to prevent collapse accident, safety management team put forward new higher requirements, to achieve the goal of correcting violations, eliminating hidden dangers, prevent accidents.
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