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How to improve the quality of space frame processing


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spatial structure

Space frame processing is a spatial structure in which multiple components are connected by nodes in a certain space frame form. It has the advantages of space force, light weight, high rigidity, and good seismic performance. It can be used as the roof of buildings such as stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting rooms, stadium awnings, hangars, two-way large-column space frame structures and workshops. Space frame processing is popular for its efficient performance, novel and beautiful and convenient construction effect. 

  1. When installing steel mesh, attention should be paid to the setting of temporary pivots. Before setting, it is necessary to establish the fulcrum and the elevation of the fulcrum. The temporary fulcrum not only makes the symmetrical force and the lever force of the spherical space frame consistent, but also pays attention to the basic reliability of the temporary fulcrum and avoids the space frame solution of the fulcrum.
  2. The support of the temporary support point is preferably hydraulic jack, which can be adjusted in stages during the setting. Note that the adjustment of the temporary support point should not be a certain point, but also consider the uniform force around the space frame. Sometimes this local adjustment will deform a single component and bend the space frame.
  3. When disassembling temporary fulcrums, it should be noted that several fulcrum groups should descend simultaneously. During the descending process, the descent should not be too large, and should be gradually divided into proportional descending stages, or the fulcrum net should be removed by a synchronous descending method of no more than 100mm.
  4. When installing and welding the ball space frame, the deformation of the welding should be fully considered, especially when the net frame and the belt space frame are all improved. Since the solder joints (sections) are located on the upper part of the plane space frame, unidirectional heating can easily deform. The general deformation rule is that after the space frame is welded, the surrounding support platform gradually warps freely. In the case of large deformation, the camber of the previous plan is offset. When the arch bridge is not considered, the welding will produce a larger deflection value, which will affect the quality requirements of the inspection. Therefore, in the construction of welded space frames, the processing of unidirectional thermal deformation unit grids must be considered.
  5. Pay attention to the bearing condition of the support after the space frame is installed. Some bearings can be welded, and some bearings must be free ends. Some support platforms require restrictions. The backing board, baffle, etc. should be installed in the prescribed order and method.