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Home News How to install and make column feet in light steel space frame engineering

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How to install and make column feet in light steel space frame engineering


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How to install and manufacture the column foot in the light steel space frame project?

In many engineering buildings, light steel space frame construction is used, and in many cases, this type of structure is used in the case of making column feet. Due to the unique advantages of the light steel structure grid project, it has very good practical effects in the application.

  1. The gap between the base plate of the column foot and the concrete column is too small, which makes it impossible to fill or fill the grouting material. Generally, the secondary filling gap is 50mm.
  2. It is usually very easy to forget the setting of shear grooves and the setting of shear parts. The chemical bolts of the column base are designed to bear the tensile force, and the leveling force of the chemical bolts is not considered in the calculation. If the anti-shearing parts are not set, the column bottom shear stress caused by side wind load, leveling earthquake disaster load, crane leveling load, etc., is basically often carried by the column foot chemical bolt, and then the column foot chemical bolt is destroyed.
  3. The distance between the foundation screw of the embedded part and the side of the concrete short column is too close. When the rigid frame is hoisted, it is often inevitable that human factors will cause some lateral external forces to break or collapse the top of the column. When pre-embedding the anchor bolts, the anchor bolts on the side of the steel beam shall not be excessively pushed to the side, and a sufficient distance shall be reserved with the column side. In addition, after the concrete short column must ensure the compressive strength of the design plan, it can be used in the lifting work of the mechanism frame.
  4. In some engineering projects, the anchor screws are inaccurate. In order to better hoist the rigid frame in place, a secondary hole was made on the base plate on the spot, and laser cutting was carried out at random. This resulted in excessively large holes in the base plate of the column base, which made the column base immobile. Unstable, the minimum side (end) distance of chemical bolts can not be considered standard requirements