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Installation Skills of Bolt Ball Space Frame


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Installation Skills of Bolt Ball Space Frame

The bolted ball space frame installation structure is a spatial structure formed by connecting the space frame members and solid joint steel balls through high-strength bolts according to a certain space frame form. In 1978, our country just started to introduce the technology and commodities of overseas bolted mesh structure, and bolted mesh structure as a perfect construction method is widely used in the construction industry of various countries in the world. Its characteristics are: light weight, large span, flexible plane shape design, simple construction positioning, and diverse installation methods. The key points of the production technology of the rods for the installation of the bolt ball space frame are as follows:

  1. The steel pipe material should be re-inspected before the steel pipe is cut, and can be put into use only after it is qualified. The cutting quality is consistent with the HID-900MTS CNC pipe intersecting wire cutting machine technical standard.
  2. The cone head should be cut with round steel, and the cone head blank must not have defects such as burning or cracks before forging.
  3. After the conical forging is formed, use a milling machine to process the stairs of the conical and rod inner cavity, the plan view of the small end of the conical, and the electric welding weld. The flatness of the two sides of the conical should meet the standard specifications.
  4. When assembling cones and pipe fittings, the gap between the end of the steel pipe and the cone is 2~3mm, the verticality between the top surface of the cone and the axis of the steel pipe is 0.5%, and the radius of the cone is small. The different axis of the axis is not more than 1% of the diameter.
  5. After the rods are assembled, use the NXC-2×500KR double-head automatic welding machine for space frame rods for welding. Electric welding shall carry out tensile strength inspection, and its load-bearing capacity inspection index shall meet the requirements.