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Large-span space frame installation construction standards


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In the large-span building structure design of various forms in China, the general space frame installation structure used in the country is the welding and processing of steel pipe materials, which is very durable.
The construction and processing of the building model are very modern and artistic, but it needs regular maintenance and maintenance. Effectively extend the life of its products. One is to perform anti-oxidation treatment, and the other is to check whether the welding site is desoldered or cracked, which needs to be repaired in time. The space frame installation structure has professional anti-corrosion treatment during the production process, and its surface chemistry is very inactive, but the occurrence of damage can easily affect the internal metal materials, and even affect the mechanical properties and stability of the materials.Large-span space frame installation Engineering space frames can be applied to a wide range of construction sites.
At present, the common forms mainly include plane structure and space structure. Specific projects need to be selected according to the specific form of space. Space structure is a relatively common space frame structure. Detailed analysis is required before construction. The overall plane shape, problem type, supporting capacity, bearing capacity, comprehensive performance of the building, etc., and its building connection components and supporting forms are complete. The form of the node is very important for the structure of the large-span space frame. It is recommended to establish a more reasonable calculation model in advance to simulate the entire network structure in different directions, especially the different angles, pressures or impact forces in the seismic area.