Latest News About The Steel Price

Latest News About The Steel Price

Latest News About The Steel Price

A few days later, cyclical commodities and stocks rose again.Under the bonus of the environmental protection policy, the rise of steel prices is particularly fierce.

After the futures market opened on August 21, the black tie rose strongly, and the main iron ore was quickly closed to the limit after opening, with the iron ore main contract rising almost 7 percent to a five-month high.A stock market, the steel plate is also strong.By the end of the afternoon, citic steel's steel plate was up 2.61%, its China major steel, ordos trading, new steel shares rose 9.37%, and shaoshan and south steel shares rose more than 6%.

"Traditional off-season for steel demand, steel prices rose, especially the performance of steel, high by 3850 yuan/ton, the profits of per ton steel in 1000 yuan/ton, under the high profits, steel mill equipment problems are in normal production, China in late July average daily output growth."On xing, an analyst said, although affected by adjusting billet enterprise coal to gas for billet prices have hit, but steel mills steel inventory pressure is not big, overall market supply is limited, steel prices still have certain support of late.

"Environmental protection is the catalyst for the recent increase in steel prices.At present, the cut-off time of "coal change gas" for the mill in tangshan area is completed by the end of September, which is completed before September 1.As the mill is mainly involved in sections such as profile, thread, and strip steel, the production of these varieties will be concentrated and maintenance, and the price of tangshan will rise rapidly.Xing said.

According to the analysts, the price increase is mainly based on the environmental impact, and the central environmental protection inspector has achieved full coverage of the 31 provinces and municipalities in China.From recent enforcement efforts, environmental protection is no longer "a gust of wind", and the high or unexpected level of accountability has led to an unprecedented implementation of environmental protection.

According to the policy issued earlier, the key areas such as shijiazhuang, tangshan, handan and other key areas have been able to produce 50% of the production capacity of steel production in the heating season, and use the enterprise's actual electricity consumption to verify the production capacity of the blast furnace.On the premise of ensuring security, according to the principle of keep pressure, heating season of no emission permits coking project to extend the coking time to 36 hours, the national industrial policy restricted coking project to extend the coking time to 30 hours, substandard on emissions shall be ordered to shut down and the province coking enterprises limit production amounted to about 30%.Policy has an impact on the overall supply of steel, demand for raw materials, and market expectations.It is estimated that about 150-30 million tons of crude steel will be affected, which will also affect the aggregate demand of ore and coke.
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