Lessons learnt in steel

Lessons learnt in steel


A standardised steel-framed design is helping a school project in the North East of England to quickly take shape. Martin Cooper reports from Hartlepool.

English Martyrs School, Hartlepool
Main client:Education and Skills Funding Agency [ESFA]
Architect: Ryder
Main contractor: BAM Construction
Structural engineer: BAM Design
Steelwork contractor: Harry Marsh [Engineers]
Steel tonnage: 552t

Part of a nationwide programme, five new schools are to be constructed in the North East of England.

Four of the projects are steel-framed secondary schools, replacing existing and out-of-date premises. The fifth project, a primary school, has a modular light steel design.

The batch consists of two schools in Hartlepool, and one each in Durham, Houghton Le Spring, and Whickham, Newcastle.

The first of the two Hartlepool projects to get started is the English Martyrs School, located on the western fringes of the town.

The school is scheduled to complete in May 2020.

The steelwork supports precast planks to form the floors.

Stability for the frame is derived from cross bracing.

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