LF Group Official Statement

LF Group Official Statement

LF group is a professional steel structure company and win the trust and respect with our high quality, rich experience and best service. Recently, we find some companies produce and sale fake products in name of LF group illegally.

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and set up positive industrial image, LF group solemnly declares the following:

The name and logo of LF company:

LF Chinese company has already registered and with the logo “LF”. The name of LF UK company is “BROE” and Hong Kong company is  “LEADFRAME”. The easiest way to determine the true and false of LF group is the logo, and all of LF companies’ name are attached with the logo “LF GROUP”.

LF Group official website:

The only official website: www.cnxzlf.com

The designated Alibaba website:

 https://leadframe.en.alibaba.com


All others are fake websites except the 3 above items;

2. Design and technology are the key factors influencing the safety of space frame. Even some companies copied the pictures of our Group but they can’t carry on projects in the equal level of our design and technology ability.

Reminder: LF will not responsible for any quality issues such as safety problems and accidents caused by choosing copycat companies;

3. List of some fake products and websites:

Some companies sham LF Brand but have no capacity of space frame production :

Some companies sham the design of LF products:

If such above infringement continues, we will disclose the name of related companies and defend our legitimate rights and interests with legal method. Meanwhile, welcome to report to us if you find above related illegal activities via our official website.

Thanks for all your cooperation!

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