Limestone Storage

Limestone Storage

Limestone Storage

The cement manufacturing process starts from the mining of raw materials that are used in cement manufacturing, mainly limestone and clay. 

The limestone is excavated from open cast mines after drilling and blasting and then loaded onto dumpers, which transport the materials and unload it into hoppers of limestone crushers. The clays are excavated from open cast mines and loaded onto dumpers, which transport the materials and unload it into open yard storage. 

As we know cement manufacturer or cement company operator has to ensure that their product maintains quality and consistent properties. But most of the limestone quarries produce material of varying chemical composition. To obtain consistent quality in final product, quarried raw material must be blended before it is fed into the kiln. With our structure, any amount of limestone can be stored.

Although stockpiles are created by slewing stacker to minimize fugitive dust, most of the cement producers enclose their stockpile to protect the surrounding environment and to prevent loss of material due to water runoff and wind. 

Limestone storage sheds are the best choice to cover stockpile. It is a low-cost solution because fabrication and erection of the structure take less time. We provide solutions for Bulk storage:
  • In-house design, fabrication, and erection of Limestone shed.
  • Designing and pre-fabrication of the component by using computers.
  • Packaged and shipped in small units that can be by hand unloaded in remote locations.
  • Assembled over a stockpile or stockyard while the stockyard remains in operation.
The construction systems use mild steel in case of limestone shed, no welding is required because the connection of the member consists of a very efficient moment-resistant mechanical joint. Limestone shed may be built in single- or double-layer configurations, depending on the load and span for the application. Experience suggests that for the spans required in limestone covers, a-double-layer is the most cost-effective.

Limestone storage shed is often built over operating stockpiles since construction can proceed without interrupting operations.
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