Lingnan Mingzhu Stadium

Lingnan Mingzhu Stadium

Lingnan Mingzhu Stadium is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is a famous grid sports stadium in China.

The main building structure system consists of a main hall and two auxiliary halls. The main gymnasium has a diameter of 128.4m and a building height of 35.48m. The diameter of the auxiliary hall is 78.4m, and the building height is about 26.4m. The main hall and the auxiliary hall are connected by 3 domes. The entire roof of the stadium adopts a continuous dome reticulated shell structure effect.

The upper half of the dome is a compression ring, the lower part is a tension ring, and the horizontal ring is a space triangle steel truss composed of H-shaped steel, which has sufficient rigidity. The horizontal ring truss is superimposed layer by layer to form a solid dome through inter-level columns and outer inclined rods. This structural approach is still rare in similar projects at home and abroad. Structural members, the number of nodes is large, the structure is complex, and it is difficult to process.

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