Longest overpass in Changsha county to be completed in August

Longest overpass in Changsha county to be completed in August

The main bridge for the Xingsha Avenue pedestrian bridge project was installed on July 22 and is expected to be completed by the end of August, according to the key project management bureau of Changsha county.

Located 50 meters north of the intersection of Xingsha Avenue and Tangpo Road, the Xingsha Avenue pedestrian bridge is the longest overpass in Changsha county with a long span of 40.8 meters, a total deck width of 5.9 meters and a net deck width of 4 meters.

The bridge is a steel truss structure. Two stairways with a net width of 3 meters and a wheelchair ramp are provided on both sides of the bridge.

Xiao Shuo, an engineer at the management bureau, said that the project is 70 percent complete and ancillary items such as a glass shed and greening will follow.

After completion, the congestion of this section of Xingsha Avenue will be effectively alleviated. The bridge will separate passengers and vehicles, making it safer for pedestrians crossing the street.

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