Macau East Asia Stadium

Macau East Asia Stadium

The Macau East Asian Stadium is known as the "Macau Egg" and is a famous oval steel structure.

Macau East Asia Stadium is a typical oval dome building. It is an open ellipsoid with a major axis diameter of 446m. The horizontal projection of the roof has a major axis diameter of 328m and a minor axis diameter of 224m. The main stadium is 20 meters high, 92.5 meters long and 62 meters short. The top of the stadium uses light-transmitting building materials to allow natural light to fully penetrate the stadium.

The gymnasium is composed of four independent parts: an indoor stadium, a comprehensive theater, an exhibition center and the Macau International Convention Center. The auxiliary stadium seats up to 7,000 people, and the playing area is 4,860 square meters. The skating rink is the only skating rink in Australia that meets international standards. The skating area covers an area of 1,735 square meters, with a maximum length of 61 meters, a maximum width of 30 meters, and a height of 20 meters.

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