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Matters needing attention in the construction of space frame engineering


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attention in the construction of space frame engineering

In order to ensure the quality of the space frame construction and the safety of personnel, we will follow the space frame company to carefully understand some precautions during the construction of the space frame construction.

  1. When the mobile scaffold is towed, the special construction organization design regulations shall be followed.
  2. The scaffold should be towed by special personnel for command and observation. First, try to tow 1~2m, check the deformation of the shelf, and confirm that it cannot be officially towed. After dragging and positioning, please check that the scaffold is not deformed, and use it after confirming that it is not deformed.
  3. Structural parts such as steel bolt balls and rods of the space frame shall be transported to the support platform in batches. Do not place a large amount on the shelf platform at one time, and use cranes for installation and transportation.
  4. The operators of the scaffold should be minimized, and others should not be concentrated on the span of the scaffold during the operation.
  5. The operator who installs steel balls and components on the net frame body should use a sling, and the safety belt should strengthen the structure. The installer needs to install the tool bag and tool hook.
  6. When the space frame is positioned, dragged or jacked into operation, all equipment should be firmly fixed, the operating position should be set with a firm work platform, and walking handrails or protective railings should be set. When towing or jacking in, no one should stay on the space frame.