Mudanjiang New Station won the gold medal in the provincial construction industry new technology pro

Mudanjiang New Station won the gold medal in the provincial construction industry new technology pro

Self-compacting concrete technology, assembled large-scale formwork technology, and comprehensive pipeline layout technology... Recently, the reporter learned from the 22nd Bureau of China Railway that the Mudanjiang New Station, the most “European style” in northern Xinjiang, won the new technology of construction industry in Heilongjiang Province. Application of the Engineering Gold Medal. This indicates that the construction technology of Mudanjiang New Station has been recognized by the construction technology experts and the same industry in our province. It is in the leading technical level in the construction industry of the province and lays a foundation for further application of national scientific and technological achievements. 

It is understood that the gold medal of the Heilongjiang Provincial Construction Technology New Technology Application Demonstration Project is organized by the provincial housing construction department and is reviewed once a year and divided into gold medals and silver medals. During the review period, the provincial housing construction department based on the technical complexity of Mudanjiang New Station, the proposed new technology and the scale of construction review, the review experts passed the acceptance test for all technical issues of the new station, and considered that they all reached the leading level in the province.

Since the start of construction, the construction unit of Mudanjiang New Station has set up a number of scientific and technological quality research teams. Through the implementation of eight new technologies, the Mudanjiang New Station has been built into a “boutique station” with excellent quality, high technology content and fast construction speed. Among them, the construction of the steel frame structure of the elevated station building adopts the construction technology of “high-altitude assembling and cumulative sliding”, and the whole area is divided into 9 sliding units. After the assembly is completed, it is sequentially slipped to the installation position to complete the installation. Under the premise of ensuring quality, avoid cross-operation and improve efficiency; the construction of the steel structure grid of the side-face station of Mudanjiang New Station adopts super-large hydraulic overall lifting construction technology. With the support of the new technology BIM three-dimensional imaging technology, after the ground assembly is completed, the overall structure of the grid is upgraded to a precise design position, ensuring the construction quality and saving the resource allocation; the shelter of Mudanjiang Station is a reinforced concrete structure, and its lateral structure The beam is curved and the construction is difficult. The overall curved steel formwork construction process is adopted during the construction process, which further enhances the overall aesthetic effect. 

It is worth mentioning that Mudanjiang New Station has built the most “European style” station in northern Xinjiang. On the basis of a deep understanding of the design intent, the construction personnel start from the details, strive for excellence, and create a modern project that is modern, humanized, functional and perfectly integrated with Eastern and Western architectural styles. The façade of the façade and the local decoration are artificially carved by marble. The splicing place adopts the same color glue, and the stone on both sides adopts black glue to highlight the sense of line shape;The layout of the floor stone in the waiting hall is finely typeset, and the effect is as flat as a mirror and the gap is even;The stone column surface and the aluminum plate column head of the elevated waiting hall are refined, and the corners are all rounded.

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