New Storage Solutions For The Cement Industry

New Storage Solutions For The Cement Industry

Storing dry cement requires careful planning. You need top-of-the-line storage facilities to do the job right. Using a traditional silo or a warehouse can limit your available storage space and drive up costs for storing cement. That's why dome silos are a revolutionary storage solution for the cement industry.

Spatial structure domes are the ideal structure for most bulk cement storage requirements. Domes can be built in a variety sizes based on the storage needs of your business.

New Storage Solutions For The Cement Industry

Dome advantages

Insulated  spatial structure  domes are taking the cement industry by storm. They are easier and less expensive to build than traditional storage facilities. It is also easier to protect dry cement over a longer period because of the waterproofing and insulation built-in to the spatial structure dome design.

Domes do not require a deep foundation like a traditional silo. They can be built in locations like ports where increased soil differential settlement can put a strain on a standard vertical silo. With the dome's three-dimensional curve, and no need for internal supports, it ends up being much stronger under the pressure of shifting soils and can store a larger volume of dry cement than other storage facilities.

Temperature variation is also not an issue with a dome – especially the kind designed and built by LEAD FRAME. It is built with a single ply roof membrane and polyurethane insulation envelope woven into the design. This makes the dome virtually waterproof and free of condensation. It also prevents air temperature from fluctuating to warm or cool extremes – increasing the shelf life of the dry cement in storage.

Domes are more likely to maintain structural integrity in the face of natural disasters than other types of storage structures. Studies have shown that the thin shell of a concrete dome can stand up better under pressure from tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. This can mean a lower risk of structural damage that could lead to extra costs replacing lost product.

Domes are the solution

Living in the 21st Century means finding ways to innovate how we live life and do business. Thin-shell concrete domes follow the spirit of innovation to the letter.

Domes from LEAD FRAME are the right solution for storing dry cement. It means cement can be stored at a larger volume for a longer period of time. That equals a better bottom line for any business that relies on using  spatial structure  in serving its customers.
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