Orangeburg Municipal Airport Adding New Hangar

Orangeburg Municipal Airport Adding New Hangar

Orangeburg Municipal Airport Adding New Hangar

A local company is planning to build a new hangar at the Orangeburg Municipal Airport.

Orangeburg City Council approved first reading Tuesday evening of an ordinance leasing property at the airport to Green Mountain Boys, LLC.

"This will be a ground lease for a period of 30 years for the purpose of the Green Mountain Boys, LLC to construct a 10,000-square-foot hangar," City Administrator John Yow said.

The lease has an initial annual payment of 18 cents per square foot during years one through ten. During years 11-20, the payment will be 24 cents per square foot and for years 16-30, 30 cents.

"This is a fairly typical ground lease," Yow said. "This has been done at other airports."

The city previously entered into a similar lease with Belk Hudson department stores.

Yow said the city is excited about the new lease.

"It will give us two more airplanes based in Orangeburg that will generate activity at our airport," he said.

Green Mountain Boys, LLC is based in Orangeburg. Douglas Tourville is the company's registered agent, according to the S.C. Secretary of State's office.

The Orangeburg Municipal Airport is a publicly owned airport located south of the central business district of Orangeburg. It was first opened in 1937. It has two available runways.

Orangeburg's airport is seen as a good intermediate stop between New York and Miami.

The airport does not have scheduled commercial airline services but sees regular use by various corporate businesses from across the country.

The airport sees anywhere from 10 to 12 takeoffs and landings daily.

Normally, small corporate planes, medium-sized planes and aircraft up to Gulfstream 550s and 650s use the airport. Occasionally, the airport even accepts 737s.

In other business:

  • Council approved a resolution to supporting the Municipal Association of South Carolina's 2018 legislative advocacy initiatives. The Municipal Association identified five advocacy initiatives based on feedback from local officials, including encouraging business growth and development; providing quality municipal services; increasing funding for law enforcement; expanding funding sources for infrastructure and reducing blight.
  • Council made appointments to the Aviation Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission and Building Board of Appeals. Each position has a four-year term.

Kevin Bell and Col. Richard Leonard were reappointed to the Aviation Commission. Newly elected Councilman Jerry Hannah nominated Phyllis Pelzer to the District 3 seat on the commission. Pelzer will replace Jim Albergotti.

George Buck, Willie Brown and V. LaNard Huggins were reappointed to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Hannah nominated Elaine Wright to replace High Smith in the District 3 seat.

The Planning Commission saw the reappointments of Guy Best, Bill Barrett and Shirlan Moseley-Jenkins. Hannah nominated Paula Payton to replace Spencer Dixon in the District 3 seat.

Each member of the Building Board of Appeals and their alternates were reappointed to their positions. These board members are G.W. Berry and Louis Boone along with alternates Linton Davis and Michael Stroman.

  • "Cheerfulness" was proclaimed the Character Trait for the month of January.
  • Council went into closed, executive session to discuss legal matters regarding an intergovernmental agreement between the Municipal Court and Orangeburg County as well as the sale of the old city gym located at 1420 Broughton Street.
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