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Overall lifting method for space frame installation


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Below space frame installation company , the staff of the space frame installation company will introduce to you what are the overall improvement methods of space frame installation?

Let’s take a look with the staff of the space frame installation company.

  1. The overall lifting method refers to the construction method of installing lifting equipment on the structural column to lift the space frame, or carrying out the sliding form of the column while lifting the space  At this time, the space frame can be used as an operating platform. The overall lifting can be divided into single lifting space frame method, lifting beam lifting space frame method, and lifting space frame sliding mode method. The single-lifting space method is that after the space is assembled at the design position, the small equipment installed on the column is used to raise it to the design elevation, then lower, place and fix it.
  2. The method of lifting beam and lifting net is to put the space frame in the design position and install the ring beam at the same time as supporting the space frame, put the space frame support in the middle of the ring beam, and install lifting equipment on the top of each column. These lifting equipment lift the net frame to the design elevation while lifting the beam; the space-lifting slip form method is to put the space frame on the site at the design position, the column is constructed with slip form, and the space frame is lifted by installing on the column. The sliding form on the inner steel bar uses a jack or a lifting machine on the space frame reinforcement to lift the space frame while sliding the formwork to cast the column. The overall lifting method uses smaller lifting equipment and lower cost, which is suitable for construction when the site is narrow. Through the staff of the space frame installation company to introduce the overall improvement method of space frame installation to customers and friends, we hope that our introduction can help you better. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.