PEB and Space Frame: The Newest Sensations in the Construction Sector

PEB and Space Frame: The Newest Sensations in the Construction Sector

Amongst this cacophony of revolutionary innovation, lie two very important products – Pre-Engineered and Space Frame Buildings. They are the freshest wave in the industry.

So, let’s talk about them.
Pre-Engineered Buildings or PEBs are the products that are designed and fabricated exclusively in the factory. They are shipped to site as knock-down kits. That is to say, they are shipped in parts and assembled on site. This saves a lot of time during their installation.
And, because this is a convenience that cannot be cast aside, the construction industry is counting on every PEB manufacturer in World to provide high quality products for work.
The other product, which is in demand, is steel frame. It is ideal not only for commercial, but also for residential usage. It is the best thing you can have if you want to set up a garage or a workshop.
What about their make-up?
A Pre-Engineered Building system comprises of primary and secondary structural components, along with skin sheeting. They are a combination of built-up and hot rolled sections, and cold formed steel. These components are all interconnected and make room for other fittings canopies, fascias, trusses, crane systems, etc.
Primary components contain columns, beams, and rafters, while secondary structures include purlins, eave struts, and girt. Pre-Engineered Buildings are perfect for constructing warehouses, storage sheds, high garages, temporary educational centers, malls, showrooms, and aircraft hangars.
On the other hand, every space frame manufacturer in World presents these structures as sturdy fixtures backed by piers and a solid base. The fixtures are capable of covering huge expanses if they are purpose-made. They can be used as partitions in workshops and shelves in garages as well.
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings:
These products are superior to conventional building components because they provide insulation to the construction. They are lightweight, watertight, termite-resistant, fire-resistant, and highly energy efficient. They accept a variety of structural accessories, and thus, are fit for any form of architectural style.
The biggest benefit, however, is their ease of installation. This aspect lessens the time required for construction and makes the process economical. No welding and riveting is involved because the entire process is based on nuts and bolts.
The structures are column free and hence, are almost maintenance free. Therefore, the architect and designer is at a liberty of framing it the way they like. Other than that, these structures can resist earthquakes and wind.
They are extremely durable and aesthetically appealing. Uniformity can be attained in their designs and the process of fabrication can be carried out without causing much mess. All these advantages definitely point toward greater ROI.

  • Space Frame Buildings:
Apart from the benefits offered by Pre-Engineered Buildings, these products come with more advantages. They are very must cost effective as their design is computer aided. Thus, they are applicable to any industrial requirements.
A high degree of precision can be maintained while designing them. Therefore they are more stable than any other kind of construction component. Moreover, they are made of components that are 100% recyclable. This aspect makes them eco-friendly as well.

  • A step toward the future…
The world environment has accepted these two products pretty well. This is because they are high speed solutions to constructing residences, offices, industries, factories, health care centers, educational institutions, airports, and railway stations.
They have successfully met the unique needs of modern building concepts. For instance, they have been able to provide important features like thermal insulation and acoustic tightness within commercial as well as residential enclosures.
Both PEBs and Space Frame Buildings speak of innovation, quality, and speed. And, in an era where the per capita consumption of steel in the nation is 42 kg, they have emerged as the most cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions in the entire construction sector. No wonder the manufacturers of these products are in high demand.
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