Pre-Engineered Steel Structure

Pre-Engineered Steel Structure

WATERTOWN, N.Y.  —  Washington Summit, the 52-acre campus, Outer Washington Street, Watertown, that houses premiere Medical and Professional Practices, is expanding again with the addition of a new multi-tenant building. The unique aspect of this expansion and building is the material the main structure will be built from. It will repurpose the steel from the former Bomax Inc., plant which was located on Outer Coffeen Street.

The former Bomax Building was a Butler Pre-Engineered Steel Structure from the 1970's. Although the plant had been empty for several years, the steel structure itself remained intact and was in very good shape. Michael E. Lundy, President of LUNCO Corporation, purchased the building and literally disassembled the structure last year. LUNCO Corporation will be re-utilizing an 11,000 square foot portion of the easily adaptable steel parts, from the Butler structure, for the new Medical Facility. Mr. Lundy stated, "Although building codes have changed, we work with our engineering team and Butler Manufacturing Company, to make modifications to the structure to meet the current building codes. It is one of the benefits of the Butler Building System and our Design Build capabilities. It is the ultimate example of sustainability. The repurposing of material from structurally sound older buildings is not only eco-friendly, but also saves on material cost. This shows the versatility of the Butler Building Systems." Mr. Lundy also noted that they will match the existing Washington Summit Buildings with a new Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System that provides a permanent roof system over the life of the building.

Pre-Engineered Steel Structure

The wall system will utilize a custom metal stud framing, with a very unique synthetic wall panel, with decorative accent stone, to fit in nicely with the various aesthetics of Washington Summit.

A similar project occurred in 2012 when LUNCO dismantled the former Salvation Army building on Arsenal Street and utilized the Butler Pre-Engineered Steel Structure for the new Caskinette Ford Collision Center Expansion.

The new multi-tenant facility will be similar to earlier buildings developed at Washington Summit. The setting includes ample parking, convenient access to all tenants, as well as open green space. The new building will feature a central common area, with a conference room, restrooms, lobby and common waiting areas for access by all tenants and patients. This will give each tenant optimal utilization of their space. Completion for this sought after Class A space is scheduled for Fall 2017.  The successful growth at Washington Summit now includes 10 buildings, over 15 practices, as well as Samaritan Summit Village, an assisted living community.

Tenants for the new building will be announced soon.
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