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Prefab aircraft hangar design and construction


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aircraft hangar design and construction

1 Prefab Aircraft Hangar Design And Construction Project Overview

The prefab hangar roof of The International Airport building is a three-layer space frame structure, The aircraft hangar design consists of the upper chord, the middle chord, the lower chord, the upper belly bar, and the lower belly bar. The aircraft hangar design plane size of the hangar hall space frame roof is 146m×90m, and the main space frame size is 6m×6m. The nodes are welded hollow ball nodes. The lower chord ball center elevation of the space frame is 25.500m, the lower chord ball center elevation of the hangar gate is 22.000m, and the net height of the gate is 21m. A prestressed steel truss with a span of 146m is set at the entrance. The center elevation of the steel pipe under the steel truss is 22.000m, and the prestressed beam composed of 69 high strength and low relaxation galvanized steel strands is arranged inside.

aircraft hangar design and construction

Fig.1 Prefabricated aircraft hangar design model

2、Prefab Aircraft Hangar Construction Techniques

2.1 Principles of the space frame aircraft hangar assembly, the span of the space frame is large, the nodes are welded hollow ball nodes, and the points are multi-dimensional. Each node needs to be measured and positioned, and it is difficult to control the installation accuracy of cells. Sequential welding is easy to lead to stress concentration, which leads to the deformation of the space frame aircraft hangar design, and the cumulative deformation of the space frame after welding may exceed the specification. According to the design characteristics of the space frame and the actual situation on site, the general principles of welding are formulated: unified symmetry, block by block, from inside to outside, separate block welding, single rod double welding, double rod single welding. In order to prevent the influence of welding on the geometry and deflection of the space frame, welding is conducted in the sequence of first winding down, then winding up, and spreading from the middle to the surrounding. Welding and assembly speed should be basically consistent.

First, choose the center point of the space frame prefab hangar, and then the left and right sections of the space frame are symmetrically assembled and fixed by spot welding, and the short span direction is symmetrically welded, and the height direction is welded from bottom to top. After the welding of the zones is completed, symmetrical full welding is performed between the zones. Because one end can freely shrink, the cumulative error can be adjusted and the welding shrinkage stress can be released, which can not only ensure the size of the space frame but also minimize the welding stress.

2.2 Space frame aircraft hangar construction welding partition

aircraft hangar design

Fig.2 Welding zone for construction of space frame aircraft hangar

The structure of the space frame is annular fixed welding, and the welding process needs to be inverted welding, vertical welding, flat welding, etc. The Angle of the electrode changes greatly, there is high altitude welding, and the operation is difficult. The molten metal has a tendency to fall vertically in the inverted welding position, which is easy to produce welding tumors. However, in the vertical and horizontal welding positions, it has a tendency to drop into the inside of the steel pipe, resulting in uneven melting depth and irregular appearance. When welding the root, it is difficult to operate the weld joints in the inverted welding and flat welding parts. Usually, the inverted welding joint is prone to concave, and the root of the flat welding joint is prone to incomplete welding and welding tumors. Large aircraft hangar construction space frame area, weld cooling shrinkage caused by uneven welding stress dispersion, is bound to cause welding stress concentration, local deformation, affect the installation accuracy. The space frame roof is divided into 8 zones A~ Hon average, and the door prestressed truss is divided into 1 zone, namely ZONE J (see FIG. 2). In the zone, the space frame welding diffusing from the middle to the periphery is carried out again.

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