Prefabricated buildings are no longer zero standards

Prefabricated buildings are no longer zero standards

In September, the Hong Kong Buildings Department announced the first list of approved units for the assembly of synthetic building law, including three companies including Hong Kong company Alu House Company Limited (Aluminum Tour). At the same time, it also means that these three units have been approved to enter the Hong Kong modular building market. Assembled synthetic buildings are commonly referred to as "prefabricated buildings" and "assembled buildings" in China. It refers to the transportation of the self-assembled composite components produced by the prefabricated component factory (the assembly process of finished finishes, devices and accessories) to the construction site, and then assembled into a building.

Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) is the official technical definition of modular modular buildings by the Hong Kong Buildings Department. In his first policy address, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Mrs Carrie Lam, made it clear that Hong Kong should introduce more advanced modular construction methods. At the end of 2017, the Buildings Department of Hong Kong established a pre-approval mechanism requiring suppliers of modular modular buildings to enter the Hong Kong market. Pre-approval must be passed. The Buildings Department has strict standards on building structure, mechanical and electrical design, production processes and product quality.

The pre-approval mechanism is designed to deal with the non-local design and construction of assembled synthetic building methods/components, and to simply assess whether the design and materials used meet the minimum standards set out in the provisions of the Buildings Ordinance. The industry is more confident in adopting this building method/component in local development projects. The pre-approval mechanism enables prefabricated buildings to have a set of systemized standards. Enterprises can improve production quality according to standards, and control the quality of products. The government can manage and supervise according to standards. The project unit refers to this standard for acceptance.

It is understood that the Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) technology company represented by the aluminum tour will also produce prefabricated house products with the "Assembled Synthetic Building Method" as a standard.
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