Qingdao's ultra-low energy green building industry demonstration base has taken shape

Ultra low energy green building industrial park renderings

Development Status and Prospects of Green Energy-saving Building Industry

The assembled ultra-low-energy building is a fast-growing, energy-efficient and comfortable building in the world. In the context of the increasingly serious energy crisis and environmental pollution, it is the most important way to deal with climate change, energy conservation and emission reduction, and represents the development direction of world building energy conservation. Developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan have proposed detailed plans for near-zero energy development as early as more than a decade ago, and have already begun research and development practices. According to China’s “13th Five-Year Plan”, by 2020, China will build at least 5,000 ultra-low-energy buildings with a construction area of more than 100 million square meters and an industrial scale of 100 billion to promote the comprehensive upgrading of the building planning, design, building materials, construction, equipment and other industries.At present, a total of 17 provinces and municipalities in China are concentrating on the development opportunities of ultra-low-energy buildings, and have successively introduced policies to accelerate the development of ultra-low-energy green buildings and implemented a large number of effective incentive support measures. The Qingdao Municipal Policy stipulates that by 2020, the prefabricated buildings in the island city should reach 30% of the new buildings, and the maximum of 5 million yuan for the single-assembled buildings. The ultra-low-energy construction industry has become the trend and trend of energy-saving buildings. It has received high attention and rapid application. It has broad market prospects and development space both at home and abroad.

Qingdao ultra low energy green building demonstration base

The demonstration base is mainly engaged in the construction of prefabricated houses and passive low-energy houses and the research and development of green building related technologies, covering all areas of the upstream and downstream of the green building industry. It is a large-scale comprehensive project integrating R&D, incubation, production, sales and exhibition. It is divided into four major industrial functional zones: Tianyi Xinneng Ultra-low Energy Industrial Park, Qingdao Ronghua Group's Assembly-style Domestic Sales Industrial Park, Yingliang Group Palace-level Stone Industrial Park, and Agile Group's Assembly-based Construction Industry Base. Among them, the Tianyi Xinneng Passive House Industrial Park is the core, and the nano-silicate condensate (NCC) fireproof and heat-insulated decorative integrated wall material is developed. It integrates fireproof, heat preservation, decoration, high efficiency and energy saving functions. The US National Patent Office has identified it as the most advanced technology in the field of international general building fire insulation materials. It has obtained formal patent rights through the US Green Energy Conservation Technology Charter "Green Channel", and its technical level exceeds the current world number one German passive house technology. The market has broad prospects for development.Prefabricated houses (domestic industrial park in Qingdao glory group to expand, providing customised production in domestic prefabricated construction market and services, to carry out the overall prefabricated building construction engineering, and manufacturing cladding, wallboard, composite board, balcony, air conditioning board, stairs, precast beams and precast column light prefabricated components, such as radiation national production base of prefabricated housing construction. To the British beer in stone material industrial park in order to promote a good group, mainly high-end decorative fabricated stone processing, display, collected from Egypt, Iran, Italy, Finland, Norway, India, Greece, Brazil, Spain and other countries of high-quality stone mining resources, processing and production of luxury, fashion, unique high-end decorative prefabricated building with stone material, used in high-grade construction of prefabricated houses. Driven by the prefabricated construction industry base of ya ju le group, the company is mainly engaged in the integrated service of prefabricated component design, production and construction, as well as the production, sales and service of new building material aluminum template and its supporting products, so as to build the headquarters base of north China of ya ju le construction group.At present, the construction of the project demonstration area has been fully started, and it is expected to be completed within 2 to 3 years.The project, supported by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, will be built as the only national science and technology innovation base for ultra-low energy consumption prefabricated passive housing in Shandong province.

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