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Quality inspection and knowledge point understanding after space frame processing


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The space frame processing company will introduce the quality inspection and knowledge points after the space frame is processed. One must understand the space frame is a spatial structure connected by nodes. The basic units of the space frame are triangular pyramids, triangular prisms, etc., in the space frame. After the processing is completed, what aspects should we look at during quality inspection?

Take a look specifically:
1.When inspecting the quality of the space frame, first look at the entire production process of the space frame processing. Different processing methods, the production angle and order of the entire space frame are also different.
2.After the quality inspection of the space frame is processed, it is also necessary to look at the choice of materials. If the selected materials do not meet the requirements during processing, the quality of the processed space frame will also be affected.
3. Another point is the craftsmanship. When performing inspections, it is mainly to check whether the welding is accurate and whether the overall space frame structure is deformed.
These are also related to the processing technology. Pay attention to the inspection. The quality inspection after the processing of the space frame is mainly from this aspect. After the construction is completed, you can also refer to the above for inspection.

The knowledge points that need to be understood in space frame processing are triangular pyramids, cubes and so on. These basic units are combined into flat-shaped triangles, quadrilaterals, etc., so what knowledge points need us to understand when processing space frame?

1. In the case of the supporting reaction force transmitted by the space frame making node, the support node and the tensile support node can be connected. The thickness of the bottom plate should not be less than 200 mm, and the length and width of the bottom plate are the same or slightly longer.

2. When processing the space frame, in order to make the top pressure uniform, the support bottom plate should not be too thin. The space frame sealing plate and cone head mainly play the role of connecting bolts and steel pipes, and bear the tensile force from the rods.

3. The force transmission path of the space frame is the tension when the rods are tensioned. For steel pipes, cones, bolts and steel balls, the casing is not stressed at this time. When the rod is compressed, the force transmission route is different. About some knowledge points of grid processing, I will briefly tell you so much. I believe you have a simple understanding. If you want to conduct space frame processing, please contact our company.