Risk analysis of space frame structure

Risk analysis of space frame structure

The Space frame is belongs to steel structure, so the structure joint that welding and bolt ball connection are the key to control. When using welding, the material composition of the ball joints and the quality of butt welding of the two hemispheres are the key points of control, because the large deformation or cracking of the ball joint will lead to the serious deformation of the grid frame and can not be used.

When using bolt joint, the machining precision, screw tooth tolerance and material strength of the ball should be mainly controlled. Otherwise, the requirements of the number of teeth in the ball and the tightening requirements of each node cannot be met during the installation, and the serious consequences of overall collapse will occur after bearing force.

Therefore, in order to ensure the structural quality and safety of the grid frame, the process inspection and the deflection value after completion should be strictly controlled in accordance with the corresponding acceptance specifications.

Control point:

1. The material must meet the design requirements.

2, The design of the ball frame must conform to the corresponding standards.

3. Quality control of assembly process.

4. The unidirectional axial tension and compression bearing capacity test of the ball joint and the strong requirements for base material.

5. The bolt ball joint shall conduct tensile strength test on the thread of the largest bolt hole of the finished ball.

6, Space frame installation should control the construction and installation plan firstly, be sure to make it.

7. The datum axis and pillars elevation must conform to the design standards.

8. The deflection value of the grid frame under dead weight and load is mainly controlled. The average deflection value of the measuring point shall not be greater than 1.15 times of the design value.

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