San Miguel Northern Cement

San Miguel Northern Cement's 5000tpd line equipped with Loesche mills

San Miguel Northern Cement Inc has chosen to install Loesche technology for its new 5000tpd line in Sison state, Pangasinan province, Philippines. Loesche's scope of supply includes two complete grinding plants, one with a LM 56.4 for raw material grinding and a LM 35.3 D for grinding sub-bituminous coal.

In addition, Loesche will supply the majority of the electrotechnical components and automation with modern control technology, eg the software LM Master for process optimisation.
Loesche is also responsible for the plant engineering, electrical engineering, automation supplemented by an engineering package to reduce the number of interfaces and increase efficiency of the overall plant.

The raw mill is also supplied with Hurriclon technology designed by Loesche and A Tec for optimised dedusting. The equipment delivery is scheduled for the early part of 2019.
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Total quantity:894, Total process time:0.61440420 ms


Total quantity:22

Use Memory: 12.1MB

Time-consuming: 0.82223 ms