Shenzhen's first prefabricated steel school officially put into use

On August 31, the EPC contractor responsible for the design and construction of the China Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. successfully handed over the Shenzhen Dakan Primary School project, marking the official opening of the first assembled steel structure school in Shenzhen, which was completed in 138 days.

The original Dayu Primary School is located in the first-grade water source protection area. In order to cooperate with the ecological environment control of Xili Reservoir, the new campus of Dayi Primary School is located in the Xilifuli Farm in Nanshan District, and it will be reconstructed. China Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd. gives full play to the role of central enterprises and technical advantages, and uses assembly-type construction technology to provide a “green plan” for Shenzhen to fight the battle against pollution. The completion of this project will not only solve the problem of students in the original campus, but also effectively promote the protection of the water conservation area at the first level of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate.

As A key project of shenzhen municipal government, shenzhen dakan primary school is A grade A prefabricated project of China Construction Steel. In order to ensure the smooth opening more than 1600 teachers and students, build steel structure make full use of prefabricated light steel structure, the advantages of fast, good, province, through the whole process of design, procurement, construction of the application of BIM technology, advanced management means such as wisdom site, make the project period from traditional buildings need time reduced to 138 days a year, completed nearly 25000 square landscape construction and the construction of 8200 square meters.

In recent years, China Construction Steel has actively responded to the call of the state and vigorously developed prefabricated buildings. At present, it has formed more than 30 project implementation results including six types of residential, commercial office buildings, schools, hospitals, public buildings and modular buildings.

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