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Single layer space frame warehouse


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space frame warehouse

The column network layout of the single-story workshop is 23.333 m×9 m, the height of the workshop is 95 m, and the roof adopts a large steel pipe space frame structure with ball joints.  

Lifting installation scheme: Before construction, We compared the two schemes of the high assembly method and the overall installation method: high assembly method is to set up the assembly bracket in the design position, and then use a crane to lift the grid components parts (or blocks) to the air design position, assembly on the bracket.  The method sometimes does not need large lifting equipment, but the amount of assembling bracket is large, and the operation is much higher;  The overall installation method is to assemble the space frame as a whole on the ground and lift it to the design position to fix it with lifting equipment.  This method does not need a tall assembling bracket, less work high above the ground, easy to ensure the welding quality, but it needs large lifting equipment and more complex technology.  

According to the data provided by the design, the space frame has a self-weight of about 32T. The lifting equipment adopts 4 masts of 15m high steel pipe with the size of ∅250×8 mm. The 4 masts have been erected before the space frame is assembled on the ground according to the layout position, and their fixed points have been fixed with cable wind ropes.  Check items before hoisting also include hoisting pulley of the upper mast, hook fixing point, electric grinding mill, and other hoisting tools.