Space Frame Introduction

Space Frame Introduction

A space frame refers to a spatial structure whose members are connected rigidly to At They transfer moment and shear in addition to axial forces. In comparison, space trusses are pin-jointed and as a result, their members are in tension or compression and D O Not transfer moment or shear.

In most cases, the additional reduction into member forces and deflection of spaces frames is less than 10% as compared to S Pace trusses. Therefore, the additional material required to provide rigid connections does not justify the saving in the size of struct Ural members. As a result, the term ' space frame ' is also the term used for pin-jointed three-dimensional structures, such as space trusses. Space frames are also called ' braced frameworks ', ' latticed structures ' or ' reticulated structures '.

Space frames are either constructed to prefabricated modular (units system) or modular members assembled together using different types of connectors or nodes (nodular system). These systems are typically proprietary.

It is also possible to construct spaces frames by field-welding members to each other; This is generally a more costly alternative. When field welding, the joints are considered to be rigidly connected, capable of transferring moment and shear In addition to axial forces.
has many examples of repetitive spatial packing configurations used in space frames: the hexagonal prisms of Honeycomb; Plant cell organisms, the repetitive organization of crystals and snowflakes, etc. The triangle is the simplest stable geometry, which means-it is not possible to change its shape in-plane because the Re are three interconnected members. This isn't the case for polygons such as squares, rectangles, hexagons, or octagons. The bracing members of the frames create the triangulation that stabilizes the structure.

Space frames
generally consist of double and multi-layer grids in flat or free forms. Flat space frames have been typically used as roof systems, but they can also be used to support. Atriums, entryways, canopies, arenas, exhibit pavilions, hangars, convention centers, mosques, terminals, grandstands, SPO RT facilities, reservoir covers, churches, swimming pool covers, shopping malls, stadium pavilions, sloped glazing, large- span warehouses, towers, space stations, and floating platforms may also to constructed from space frames.
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