Space frame methods of erection

Space frame methods of erection

1.scaffold method
Individual elements are assembled in place at actual elevations, members and joints or prefabricated subassembly elements are assembled directly on their final position. Full scaffoldings are usually required for this type of erection. Sometimes only partial scaffoldings are used if cantilever erection of space frame can be executed. The elements are fabricated at the shop and transported to the construction site, and no heavy lifting equipment is requited.
2.block assembly method
The space frame is divided on its plan into individual strips or blocks. These units are fabricated on the ground level, then hoisted up into its final position and assembled on the temporary supports. With more work being done on the ground, the amount of assembling work at high elevation is reduced. This method is suitable for those double-layer grids where the stiffness an load resisting behavior will not change considerably after dividing into strips or blocks, such as two-way orthogonal latticed grids, orthogonal square pyramid space grids, and the those with openings. The size of each unit will depend on the hoisting capacity available.
3.lift-up method
The whole space frame is assembled at ground level so that most of the work can be done before hoisting. This will result in increased efficiency and better quality. For short and medium spans, the space frame can be hoisted up by several cranes. For long-span space frame, temporary posts are used as the support and electric winches as the lifting power. The whole space frame can be translated or rotated in the air and then seated on its final position. This method can be employed to all types of double-layer grids.
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