Space Frame protection against corrosion and fire

Space Frame protection against corrosion and fire

Space structure system appears as structurally sealed circular hollow sections concentrically connected to solid spherical steel nodes stands out as a superior aesthetic and architectural end product. The exposed surfaces of space frame members are powder coated to decorative colour finish in a factory controlled environment. The most modern and automated zinc phosphate treatment/ powder coating technology provides weather and abrasion resistant thermoset polyester coatings in various eye catching colours selected from German colour Standard RAL Or Internationally accepted NCS.

When specified to be fire protected, the exterior exposed surface of the components is spray coated with UL certified intumescent paint for minimum one hour fire rating. In such cases, the space structure is designed to select the optimum size and thickness of each element in the structure for the required HP/A value that is Heated Perimeter to Cross sectional Area to achieve a minimum fire rating of 60 minutes. If there is no specific fire rating required, then the structure designed as standard space frame as per project specified loadings as well as design codes and a UL certified intumescent paint is coated as recommended by the coating manufacturer.

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Total quantity:896, Total process time:0.24666953 ms


Total quantity:22

Use Memory: 12.1MB

Time-consuming: 0.41635 ms