Stadium Set to Kick off New Phase of Ties

Stadium Set to Kick off New Phase of Ties

A world-class sports stadium being built by China in the south of Moroni, the capital of the island state of Comoros, will be ready for use next year.

China IPPR International Engineering Co won the bid for the Comoros Moroni Stadium in 2015 and has been working on the project since then.

The project followed an agreement signed between China and Comoros under which Chinese authorities granted financial aid of $14.2 million for construction of the stadium. Total investment for construction is $28.78 million

Stadium Set to Kick off New Phase of Ties
The design takes advantage of space and combines local cultural and climate features. It has received favorable comments because of its functions and natural shape.

The stadium occupies 82,545 square meters and has a capacity of 10,000 people. It includes a small soccer field, training tracks and an outdoor parking lot. The total floor area is 4,350 sq m, with the highest building reaching 19 meters. The grandstand is a reinforced concrete frame structure, and the awning uses a steel frame membrane.

Once completed, the stadium will be seen as a symbol of friendship between China and Comoros.
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